Sale Specials

Sale SpecialsUpdated 28 September 2015

Special Introductory Offer

1. Davey ProMaster Energy Saving Pumps

New to the market Davey ProMaster Energy Saving Pumps are easy to use and save you money, making pool life a breeze.

Discover how a Davey ProMaster energy saving pump repays the pumps cost within one or two seasons and reduces time spent in your pool pump house.

DO NOT BUY another pump until you view this information

Noisy, overheating, costly pool pumps that stop working leaving you scratching your head can be very frustrating.

 Pump Features and Benefits

  • 8 Star energy savings
  • Saving up to 70% of your power costs
  • Reduced power use and therefore cost
  • Noise reduction to a low 50 dBa
  • Reduce waste in heat generation
  •  Reduction in installation space with this compact pump unit
  • Variable speed motor with 10 settings between 1500 and 3600 rpm
  • Automatic switch off when faults occur
  • More information here

 This short video will provide you with the benefits of the Davey ProMaster pool pump

Buy now and save a bundle on the new ProMaster Energy Saving Pump installed for only $1295.00 (Don’t miss out – Limited offer)

Davey Australian is a leading international company passionate about water products and their improvement. As an innovator in pool and spa technologies they have brought the ProMaster energy saving pool filter pump to the market.

2. BioGuard Polysheen Plus

BioGuard Polysheen Plus
BioGuard Polysheen Plus

BioGuard Polysheen Plus is a highly concentrated product that makes water crystal clear acting as a problem solver for cloudy pools where chlorine demand is not an issue.

Ploysheen combines small particles into large ones making it much easier for the filter to remove debris and insoluble compounds. It does not require dilution making it easy to use, is safe for all pools and filters not effecting pool pH.

Huge saving of less 20% dicount on this 1 litre bottle if you mention you saw this in the Sale Specials


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